The Old Gods on the Cavern

One single Day, lost in the simple way of the earth and its ways. One day made of stone, love and light. Full made of rocks, water and gypsum, buried deep under ground…. A world of deep stones in a ceiling of dark feels and sounds…  


Morelia Skies

Someday we go far to a old city made of stone and brick, full with the gosth of ancient times and modern people making their lives in a city that don’t forget….    But in the travel of far winds, we found places were desire became wild, a new one that never get slow or vain, full of colors and feeling thru a pretty dress…    What if death will ravage us someday, we must stop to feel what make ours soul love, even if skin decay with the age, the memories of lust and desire will fade away… Maybe […]


The Skies of an Old Town

Some years ago I use to delight me with the pretty views of dusk sun of my old job – the one I left to follow a MoFo wich betray me and even sue me for not leaving mi job – when the trips were harder an took me over two hours to go home…    Now the times has changed, my office got a pretty view of this little town and the sights in that place are kind of amazing… Pretty clouds that screams thru the mountains, pretty dusk colors that amaze my soul…         Sometimes I feel […]


Ancient Act of Love

So many centuries in the past, many artists went to create a art of work to this small town and their craft remain frozen in the time… Many generations went thru and pass by, many of them are unknow and hidden in layers and layers of dust… But each one of the were part of this amazing feature that still stand in this modern times.    What if the gods loves those artist and the way to make the live forever I creating those eternal sights….       I wonder if sometime in the future, someone will look at my […]


These days of our life’s

this is how it all began… We went on a happy holiday on a beach city so full of people that almost seems a crappy place… They in their need destroy the very place that is their life’s… Someday in the evening dusk I realize that this place is the office I ever want, even when little money I made from my work and lot of hard effort has been made… And still nothing… And one day I miss that so much, that almost broke my heart and realize that I need it so much when is so far… This […]


A Day of Art and a nite

One given day walking around an small book and a few pens of gel based ink in my dirty hands…      One walk a round my art wich sometime now can’t make me feel inspired lately… I miss my old life and maybe my old place were I can do all I want and feel a little free…             


One Night of light and Sound…

one night of light and storm, made of light a sound… Souls sleeps while we do some jobs and try to make something better about this life….   Yet this night of storm and light, sounds of distant creatures cryi way night, they whisper at the skin and rain an make me fell somewhat empty right in my chest.   


Torta Rocker

Como mi karnal desea ser rocker le hice unas pordas panzonas de su banda panzona como el, asi lo comparto pues me quedaron chidas la verdad….


Una noche de tormentas

Una noche en los cielos de Taxco, un clima brutal y una tormenta a lo lejos nos muestra que el clima cambia y rápido. Esta noche de mucho trabajo este fue un regalo de la naturaleza para antes de dormir.    Y una luz del cielo brilla a la distancia, una tormenta que ocurre lejos…   Y la luz del cielo salta de una nube a otra…   Y una luz explota de fuerza a la distancia con un brillo enorme…    


One wedding, not ours…

  Una boda que no fue nuestra, pero si al menos nos toco vivirla juntos, esto es curioso y como la vida cambia cuando tienes alguien con quien compartirlo… Se vuelve mágico y hermoso y mas bello de estar…